Cal Salmon River

The Springtime Stunner

  • Length: 12 - 18 miles
  • Duration: 1 - 2 days
  • Difficulty: Class IV - V
  • Best Rapid: Freight Train
  • Rec. Level: 4 - 6 ft
  • Put-in: Nordheimer/Crystal Springs
  • Take-out: Oak Bottom
  • Season: April - mid June

Scouting Rapids on the Cal Salmon with All OutdoorsAdvanced springtime rafting doesn’t get any better than a day on the California or “Cal" Salmon River. High in northern California, this river is one of the Golden State’s most beautiful--and most challenging--whitewater runs. The river plunges through a narrow and steep gorge (with a 40 feet per mile gradient!) past cascading waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and lush riverbanks.

Although the scenery alone is spectacular—and highly deserving of the river’s Wild and Scenic Status—the whitewater pushes this river trip over the top.  The action begins immediately as rafts enter a series of class IV+ rapids followed closely by the class V Cascade rapid. Even after all of this whitewater, the highlight of the day is the massive and powerful Freight Train rapid.  Fantastic and challenging on its own, many people find the Cal Salmon’s whitewater is an outstanding warm-up to Cherry Creek’s jaw-dropping class V rapids.

Two-day trips on the Cal Salmon River give you a chance to relax and enjoy conversation over dinner before heading to bed to rest up for a second run through the class IV+--V Nordheimer section the next day.  Extreme rafting, wild beauty, perfect adventure!

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