Canoeing the Boundary Waters

Granite River Trip

  • Length: 25 miles
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Difficulty: Class I - III
  • Best Rapid: Elbow Rapids
  • Rec. Level: NA
  • Put-in: Gunflint Lake
  • Take-out: Saganaga Lake
  • Season: May 9 - Oct 25

Granite River Trip with Gunflint LodgeA 25 mile waterway of interconnecting lakes running along the Minnesota-Canadian border from Gunflint Lake to Saganaga Lake. The route includes Class I-III rapids and 7 portages. All rapids have alternate portages if you prefer. This route has a allocation of 3 parties each day and each party can be up to 9 people with a maximum of 4 watercraft. It is in the paddle only zone.

The Granite River route is one of the most scenic in the Boundary Waters Wilderness from the perspective of smaller granite rimmed lakes, the waterfalls at each portage and beautiful campsites scattered on islands and peninsulas. The fishing is good for walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike. Wildlife includes moose, beaver, bald eagles and other birds in the boreal forest. This is one of the original routes used by the Voyageurs during the heyday of the fur trade in the 1800s. This is an ideal 3-day trip for intermediate canoeists.

The Falls Chain in the Quetico Park of Ontario

  • Length: 40 miles
  • Duration: 7 - 8 days
  • Difficulty: lake paddling
  • Best Rapid: NA
  • Rec. Level: NA
  • Put-in: Saganaga Lake
  • Take-out: Kawnipi Lake
  • Season: June 1 - Oct 15

Man Chain Canoe Trip with GunflintThis is a longer trip, ideal for 7-8 days of canoeing in the wilderness. You check in with the Park Ranger on Saganaga Lake and then continue toward the Fall Chain of lakes and Kawnipi Lake. You camp as the mood strikes you, your fishing is primarily for bass and the world is in your lap. Along the Fall Chain you have a series of 8 short portages around beautiful roaring waterfalls. Kawnipi Lake is a large sprawling lake with many arms and deep bays giving you an opportunity to explore for the multiple pictographs created by the Native Americans. 

Seagull to Round Lake Boundary Waters

  • Length: 20 miles
  • Duration: 5 - 6 days
  • Difficulty: lake paddling
  • Best Rapid: NA
  • Rec. Level: NA
  • Put-in: Seagull Lake
  • Take-out: Round Lake
  • Season: May 9 - Oct 25

Seagull to Round Lake with GunflintA 5-6 day trip heading into the paddle zone of the wilderness encompassing a series of medium sized lakes with reasonable portages along the way. This route is up close to the watershed divide so the waterfalls and rapids are smaller and non navigatable between the lakes. Starting at Seagull, you pass through Alpine, Jasper and on to Ogishkamunci Lakes—all with walleye and smallmouth bass. They all have scenic island campsites. Leaving Ogishkamunci you head toward Gabigishagami and Little Saganaga, lakes with lake trout and northern pike. This is into the more remote area of the wilderness, and areas where we visitors see moose and other wildlife. Leaving Little Saganaga you travel through Tuscarora Lake and on to Round Lake at the end of your route. There is one long portage just past Tuscarora Lake.

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