New River

Gorge National River

Rock Climbing and Rapelling in the New River GorgeA rugged, whitewater river flowing northward through deep canyons, the New River is among the oldest rivers on the continent… some geologists would argue “in the world”. Managed by the National Park Service, the New River Gorge Natonal River was created in 1978 and encompasses over 70,000 acres of land, is rich in cultural and natural history, and offers an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunities, including world class rock climbing and rappelling, mountain biking and whitewater rafting.

The New River Gorge was once bustling with activity. Extensive deposits of coal gave rise to the booming but short-lived mining industry beginning in 1873 when the area was first accessed by railroad. Evidence of the coal mining era including the foundations of buildings, roadbeds, mine entrances, coke ovens, etc. can be found throughout the river valley.

The Upper New

  • Length: 12 miles
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Difficulty: Class I - III
  • Best Rapid: Silo and Surprise
  • Rec. Level: 1,500 - 35,000
  • Put-in: Prince & Thurmond
  • Take-out: Thurmond & Cunard
  • Season: April - August

Inflatable Kayaks on the New River with Class VI - Mountain RiverThe Upper section of the New River is perfect introduction to whitewater rafting with easy to moderate whitewater (Class I-III), calm pools for swimming and stunning scenery. This section is ideal for families with young children, or those who just want to relax, reel in a fish or watch wildlife.

The Lower New

  • Length: 9 - 16 miles
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Difficulty: Class I - V
  • Best Rapid: Keeney's
  • Rec. Level: 1,500 - 35,000
  • Put-in:Thurmond & Cunard
  • Take-out: Teay's Landing (Hawks Nest Lake)
  • Season: March 15 - November 1

The Lower section of the New River (‘the Gorge) offers a more challenging level of whitewater. Calm pools and smaller rapids are interspersed with the crashing waves and swift drops of major (Class III-V) rapids offering both relaxation and exhilaration! Known as the Grand Canyon of the East, the New River is similar in drop per mile, volume and grandeur. Spanning the gorge is the impressive New River Gorge Bridge: the world’s longest single span arch bridge (3,030 feet) and highest in the western hemisphere (876 ft).

In addition to whitewater paddling, there is a wealth of other activities and amenities in the area including: historical sites & towns, hiking trails, state parks, fairs & festivals, artisans, rental cabins & homes, resorts, camping, biking, rock climbing, ATV tours, horseback riding, fishing, West Virginia's first world class New River Gorge Canopy Tour and so much more.

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