Rogue River

Southern Oregon's Legendary Rafting Trip

  • Length: 38 miles
  • Duration: 3 - 4 days
  • Difficulty: Class III - IV
  • Best Rapid: Blossom Bar
  • Rec. Level: 1,000 - 10,000 cfs
  • Put-in: Almeda Bar
  • Take-out: Foster Bar
  • Season: May - October

Family Rogue River RaftingThe Rogue River inspires strong loyalty that has many guests returning year after year, making it a regular part of their vacation plans. After your first trip through this lush, green canyon loaded with wildlife and stunning scenery, you will begin to understand why it probably won't be your last.

The Rogue offers a near perfect combination of exciting rapids, warm water, a comfortable pace, and plenty of wildlife sightings. It is a wonderful river for families and beginners, yet offers plenty of whitewater excitement for teens and river veterans.

On your trip you could see deer nibbling near the shore, black bears feasting on trout, osprey and bald eagles soaring above and river otters frolicking with their young. You can spot salmon journeying to their breeding grounds upstream and possibly a beaver that has moved in across from a regular camping spot. If you're really lucky, you could spot an osprey dive into the river, surface with a fish and carry it to its nest. Your kids will be amazed.

Inflatable Kayaks on the Rogue River with ECHO RIver TripsAs you relax into the flow of the river, you'll relish the opportunity to spend time with your kids and friends away from the distractions of modern life. Televisions are replaced with lively conversations as you feast on wonderful meals prepared specially for you by the river guides. Pointing out constellations away from city lights, basking in the warm sun and waking in the fresh air are just a few of the memories of your river trip you'll share with your family forever.

A Rogue River rafting or kayaking trip can last from 3-5 days, but most trips are 4-day and 3-night camping trips. It is possible to do a 3-day trip early in the season, where you'll spend 2 nights at a couple of the rustic lodges along the way. A 5-day trip usually includes a lay-over day at one of the campsites, which allows you and your family more time to hike around the area, view the scenic waterfalls and spend the day leisurely fishing, reading or relaxing. Whichever trip you choose, you'll cover the same 38-mile stretch of the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue, which has been protected from development since 1968.

To book your trip on the Rogue River call Northwest Rafting Company (541) 450-9855!