Stanislaus River

The California Beauty

  • Length: 5 miles
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Difficulty: Class IV
  • Best Rapid: Maycheck's Mayhem
  • Rec. Level: 500 - 2,000 cfs
  • Put-in: Below Sour Grass Campground
  • Take-out: Big Trees State Park
  • Season: April - May

Stanislaus River Rafting with All OutdoorsIn a region of unusually beautiful rivers, the North Fork of the Stanislaus is a crown jewel. A fleeting spring season that follows the snowmelt high in the Sierra is well worth capturing: this is a river that gives you access to a wonderfully striking canyon and outstanding technical whitewater.

Surrounded by the dense canopy of the Stanislaus National Forest, the river takes you past thick evergreen groves of pine, fir, and cedar trees interspersed with deciduous oak, dogwood, and maple. The high elevation—just over 4000ft—make the air crisp and cold. Wetsuits are required and you might even walk through snowy patches on your way to put-in. 

The whitewater begins straight off as your boat rounds the bend and encounters the first class IV rapid of the day—Beginner’s Luck. Steep and technical, the rapid falls 15 feet into a drenching spray of whitewater. High-speed water swiftly takes you into the next series of drops before ending with Upper and Lower Sequoia Sluice as you reach the Cal Big Trees State Park.

Though a fairly short run of 5 miles, the North Fork of the Stan is uniquely satisfying because of its rare beauty, and the intensity of its whitewater.

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