Outdoors Unlimited

  • Type: multi-day river rafting
  • Region: Grand Canyon
  • Season: April - September

Raft the Grand Canyon with Outdoors UnlimitedThe Grand Canyon is a place of mystery and promise. Too immense to be viewed from a single vista, it invites the explorer to search out its hidden secrets. John Wesley Powell was the earliest explorer of its depths, filling in the maps for the largest segment of unknown territory in the West. Using the Colorado River to traverse these canyons, he and his hearty band were the first to complete a passage through this untraveled place.

Today, we float silently past its soaring walls using modern inflatable boats that are rowed by Outdoors Unlimited guides or paddled by you, the modern-day adventurer. When you hear the dull booming roar of an approaching rapid or gaze into the star-filled nighttime sky, or savor the warmth and aroma of that first cup of coffee, it is not too hard to imagine yourself an explorer from an earlier time. You will tread on the same billion-year-old Vishnu Schist, marvel at the same waterfalls, hike the same side canyons, and run the same rapids as the canyon’s first adventurers. Your Colorado River rafting experience here will be personal and unique, perhaps spiritual, but never untouched by the power of the place.

Outdoors Unlimited has been outfitting on the rivers of the West since 1969 and decided to specialize in the place we most love: the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon. To be able to share this experience with you and the folks that have come before is our life’s avocation; we cannot imagine anything more satisfying.

Outdoors Unlimited | Member Adventure GatewayFortunately, the Canyon attracts the best of guides eager to share their knowledge and unique skills. And they come to us because we give them all they need to do it the best way possible with ecological sensitivity, attention to detail, and a philosophy of sharing and personal interaction that they identify as their own.

We take singles, couples, families and group charters. Our Full Canyon rafting trips from Lees Ferry, Arizona, to Lake Mead (240 miles downstream) range from 13 days, May through August, to 15-day trips in the shorter daylight months of April, September, and October. Most trips can be split at Phantom Ranch with a 5- or 6-day Upper Canyon trip (88 miles) or an 8-, 9-, or 10-day Lower Canyon trip (192 miles).
Please join us as part of the Outdoors Unlimited family for the river running experience of a lifetime. Spring wildflower and fall hiking trips are options and all-paddle trips or a paddle option on regular trips are available.

If you can see yourself on a whitewater rafting trip through Grand Canyon National Park as part of an adventurous paddle crew or kicked back on an oar-powered raft, then it is time you took action. Call us at 800.637.RAFT!